About South Bahia

The south of Bahia, or the so called “Discovery Coast” reaches from Belmonte to Cumuruxatiba..

Discovery Coast, Brazil

It was declared World Natural Heritage by Unesco in 1999, as the starting point of Brazilian history and culture since it’s discovery in the year 1500. Surrounded by the native Atlantic forest, the Discovery Coast boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, coral reefs, navigable rivers, mangroves and cliffs.

From the secluded old fisherman’s villages like Caraíva to the now ‘mondaine and chic’ Trancoso and the gastronomic charms of Arraial d Ajuda and capital of Porto Seguro with it’s international airport, the Discovery Coast has all you would wish for on a luxury vacation. Even a world class golf course like the much acclaimed Terravista Golf Course, and Club Med, Txai and Fasano resorts, and our many exclusive villas for sale.

Trancoso, Brazil

Tropical Climate, South Bahia The climate is Tropical, meaning warm to hot with an average summer temperature of 33°C or 91.4F, an average yearly temperature of 25ºC or 77F, and moist year-round with a rainy period in May, June and July, the winter months.

The weather is steady in the winter. Even if the nights are cooler (with a minimum of 19° C or 66F) , you can still enjoy short pants and swimsuits during the day. The gorgeous steady weather of the south of Bahia has been attracting celebrities, investors and luxury hotels and resorts, alike as an ideal destination.