Investor's Guide

Brasil is Hot.

After decades of being brushed off as the eternal country of the future never able to live up to its promise, Brasil's time has finally seem come.

Invest in Souith Bahia, Brazil Inflation and interest rates –although still high- are relatively stable, and economic growth continues to be fueled by the large internal market. The re-election of the socialist government, generally considered ‘market unfriendly’, has had at least two positive side effects with regards to the real estate market.

First, a lack of confidence has weakened the Real, Brazil’s local currency, making it cheaper than ever for foreign investors to buy Brazilian properties. And secondly, Real estate is standing out, more than ever, as a secure investment in an insecure environment.

Add to this Brasil´s perfect climate, it´s rich culture, it´s vast resources, the warmth, and hospitality of its people and a marvelous, diverse country with thousands of kilometers of paradise beaches, and you have the perfect recipe for a lasting Real Estate Boom. And that is exactly what is happening.

So if ever there was a time to invest in Brasil, it is now.

Properties in Exclusive Locations of Bahia:

Exclusive Realty Brasil´s extensive portfolio comprises a large variety of properties in South Bahia’s main tourist destinations and exclusive locations. These are links to our real estate listings in Bahia and to our Real Estate Investment Fund:

These are important links with information about the country, states and cities:

Building your dream home

Buying land to construct your own house, hotel, resort or business may be a great way to build a solid patrimony if you have the right connections (it is sure to be a nightmare if you don't). Exclusive Realty Brasil has the required know-how and contacts to assist you in this process. Far from being complete, we have selected some of our favorite architects and designers –most of which we have worked with- as a preview of the possibilities.

Essential Investor Information

Exclusive Realty Brasil´s specialists will guide you through the whole process of discovering essential investor´s requirements, like how to obtain a social security number, an investor´s VISA, legal assistance, real estate financing, how to handle tax implications, etc….

The following links will help to give you some insight beforehand: